Cops off campus, cops out of our lives… Syd – UK – everywhere.

Cops off campus, cops out of our lives...  Syd – UK – everywhere.

Cops off campus, cops out of our lives…

Syd – UK – everywhere.

In a continuation of the struggles that have occurred at Sydney University in 2013, some workers dropped a banner from the busy Parramatta Rd footbridge declaring ‘COPS OFF CAMPUS, COPS OUT OF OUR LIVES’. The timing of this action is in solidarity with those in the UK who today will take action against the brutality of the police – management’s attack dogs – who have sought to crush the actions of workers and students fighting against the university’s increasing role in ensuring the precarity of all our lives.

We have faced similar circumstances at Sydney University this year. Here, university workers took an unprecedented 7 days of strike action against the erosion of working conditions. In particular, they took action in response to management’s unceasing drive to make us all live our lives on the very edge of certainty. They call it flexibility, we call it bullshit. Many students joined the picketlines, seeing the relation between staff conditions and their unsettling experience of university. This experience is defined by the pursuit of qualifications in an attempt to ensure access to an increasingly insecure job market. Of course, many students are already casual workers somewhere

Faced with such hostility, management turned to their friends in blue. Many arrests, ongoing court cases and harassment, and a broken leg for one picketer were the result. We have also overall seen a generalised increase in police presence on campus, sending a message that they are there ready to have management’s back. We take this action in solidarity with those struggling in the UK and as a small first step in forcing cops off campus and out of our lives.

Love and solidarity from Sydney.

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One Response to Cops off campus, cops out of our lives… Syd – UK – everywhere.

  1. redcatastrophe says:

    Saw this from the bus on my way to court (for one of the USyd picket cases no less!)

    Really brightened my morning!

    Solidarity with UK students – don’t let the pigs keep you down!

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