Questions to management scumbags at USYD

(feel welcome to articulate your own, and share the document)

Dear scumbags

In aid of dialogue, a few points for clarification:

– Would you have been appeased if the wall had been smaller, or if we had written on the ground instead? How small and trodden on must our dreams become before they are acceptable, before they are no longer a threat to you?

– Are you seriously happy doing the jobs you are paid for? Do you sometimes lie awake at night thinking that there must be better things you could be doing with your time?

– And you, Morgan Andrews, do you still offer students $20 towards the printing costs of our words, out of your ‘sympathy towards student activism’, and also go on to be one of the major ‘informants’ against students? Do you have still have cash on offer at all, or have you spent all your money on milkshakes for the cops?

Response, questions and research prepared by:

The Sydney Uni Commune.

Attachment: Video Footage Analysis: An Objective Graphical Representation


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