Here you will find various posters and images that you are welcome to use, as well as general legal (dealing with police and the court process) and medical resources near the bottom of the page.

Posters and Images

The posters and images are organised in two sections. The first are JPGs that are fine for web distribution. The second section includes many of the same poster as A3 size PDFs for printing.

Formatted for web distribution


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spence is a dick

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Formatted for printing

Legal Resources

Defend yourself: facing a charge in court.

A free online book. This is a valuable resource not only for anyone looking to defend themselves, but for anyone going though the court process or with friends going through the process. It clarifies things that lawyers, magistrates etc. might not ever take the time explain and so can help give you and your friends a little bit more power over the situation.

Legal Zine

Simple but very useful information and advice on legal rights and dealing with police. Good for printing and distributing before and during strike pickets or other actions. Below you’ll find two different versions of the same content, the second just formatted for easier printing.

Medical Info and Resources

Some handy PDFs from the Melbourne Street Medic Collective you can download and distribute.

On the collective’s website you will find some guides on basic first aid and over two-dozen pro-tips on activist safety and protest first aid. We hope you won’t have to use it – but it’s better to have the skills and not use them than not have the skills and need them!